11th MOZG FESTIVAL | 30.10 | MOZG

Jacek Sienkiewicz (b. 1976) is considered to be one of the pioneers of current Polish electronic music. As a teenager, he started DJ’ing at the first wave of underground parties in early 90s Warsaw, playing mostly ambient music. Soon after, he decided to try his hand at proper music production. His live debut took place in 1996 at the Centre for Contemporary Arts as an accompaniment to a video performance. Three years later, his first self-released album appeared which was received enthusiastically worldwide, giving impetus to the idea of starting a record label Recognition. Since then, Sienkiewicz has released more than 40 vinyl EPs, either for his own imprint, or for other respected labels such as Klang Elektronik, Trapez, WMF, Smallville. Between 2002 and 2012 he collaborated with Frankfurt’s Cocoon Records, releasing four albums and several EPs for this then-important label. His records were played and strongly supported by renowned artists such as Sven Väth and Richie Hawtin; legendary producers like Ricardo Villalobos, Uwe Schmidt and recently, Max Loderbauer collaborated with Jacek during last decade. He has played all over the world, from big festivals like DEMF Detroit, Mutek Montreal, Transmediale Berlin to small, intimate gigs in underground clubs and bars. There is no doubt – Sienkiewicz knows all of his Detroit Techno/Chicago Acid House musical roots yet he creates signature sound that results from his highly original approach to modern electronic music production. Keeping far from current trends and fashions, he definitely chose the hard path to follow, fusing concrete beats with his organic and highly detailed soundscapes of melancholy. Apart from his brand new 5th album Drifting planned to be released on Recognition in June ’15, he is presently preoccupied with a search for new means of expression. Some of his forthcoming works were clearly created in more experimental and open-ended vein (he remains a fan of Coil, Autechre and vintage Polish Radio Experimental Studio sound). Through numerous events organised in his native Poland, he continues to promote quality music of all stripes, inviting high-valued international artists to play and collaborate, while a string of releases on Recognition by up-and-coming Polish talents is a substantial proof that a scene he co-created is developing into a right direction.

Arnaud Rivière practices free improvisation. He uses a rudimentary electroacoustic device built around a repaired turntable, a prepared-mixer and other equipment. Arnaud’s performance is always far from subtle. He attacks with raw sounds of objects rotating on the turntable and dangerous wires stuck directly into his mixer. He is an unabashed feedbackophile. The harsh beauty of Riviere’s music comes from deftly controlled bursts of energy and a wonderful sense of structure. Rivière also conceived the sound installation LA TURBOTHEQUE, an absurd kind of juke-box that basically reads music vertically instead of the horizontally; all tracks of one CD are played at the same time and a whole album is length-compressed to the size of the longest track it contains.

Tickets (30 PLN) : http://lp.goingapp.pl/evt/18649