KEINEMUSIK NIGHT w/ REZNIK | 20.03 | Nowa Jerozolima

Reznik found some like-minded comrades-in-arms with the keinemusik-clique. Until now he successfully avoided to produce anything that is genuinely his own work, but who knows how long he will live up to this refusal. Right now, his DJ-sets speak for themselves anyway. They can be deep, they can be accessible, they can be hard, but they are always classy. Maybe just trust Alec Empire in this case, who once stated: “Berlin has about a handful of DJ’s with talent and integrity. Reznik is one of them. Just forget the other douchebags and support this fella.” We agree.

REZNIK (Keinemusik, GER)
Warsaw Calling
Kuba Otlowski & Bartosz Smurlik

Tickets from 10zl.