Dixon (Innervisions) | Nowa Jerozolima 27.02

Innervisions is a Berlin based House label run by Âme & Dixon.

The quality of releases from artists like Château Flight, Stefan Goldmann, Henrik Schwarz, Atjazz, Tokyo Black Star, Marcus Worgull and of course Âme themselves was setting a new standard in House music. After just 3 years you can clearly see that Innervisions is one of the Top 5 house labels in the world.

Early 2005 Dixon started this House imprint simultaneously to his House night called Innercity at Weekend Club in Berlin. The high quality of the demos he and Âme received from all other the world motivated the boys to found the label. It started as a collaboration with Jazzanova’s label Sonar Kollektiv for the first vinyl releases.

Fri Feb 27 2015 at 11:00 pm

Nowa Jerozolima, Al. Jerozolimskie 57, Warsaw, Poland

Tickets: 40zl


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